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Give The Drummer Some

I awoke abruptly this morning from one of those “teacher” dreams I often have now.  An unfamiliar classroom with me in the front featured an influx of students, only some of whom I recognized.  During the five minutes before the … Continue reading


Optimism Ain’t Easy

It’s so cozy living in the abstract.  Concepts and what-if’s assume their own comfort zone. Intellectual gamesmanship is, after all, the hallmark of the ordained, and everyone wants to be considered noteworthy, at least once.  Later today, a Sunday, the … Continue reading


Try to “Rhee-member”

Since I began my teaching career in 2005, the state of public education in DC has been the source of much speculation and experimentation.  If I retreat even further to 1995, when my wife and I moved from New York … Continue reading

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Mr. Potato Head

Back before I grew my hair back this school year (my mother made me promise in the spring), many students relished yelling, “Mr. Potato Head,” as my shaved head and I walked the school halls.  I always feigned consternation, and … Continue reading