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Hidden Objects and the Teaching Game

So much has happened…but I am moving pass all that.  A troubled student lied about something I said in an open classroom, and the powers-that-be believed her.   She turned a well-meaning admonishment about attitude and altitude into a dirty joke–and … Continue reading

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Who’s Looking Out for Tiffany?

On Saturday, the debate team I coach competed in a tournament hosted by a school my eldest daughter once attended.  While there, I inadvertently encountered two teachers with whom I once served on the LSRT.  I was a parent rep.  … Continue reading

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Try to “Rhee-member”

Since I began my teaching career in 2005, the state of public education in DC has been the source of much speculation and experimentation.  If I retreat even further to 1995, when my wife and I moved from New York … Continue reading

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