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Still I Rise–the Mourning after Trump

You may shoot me with your words, You may cut me with your eyes, You may kill me with your hatefulness, But still, like air, I’ll rise. –Maya Angelou It is Sunday already, five days after the election, five days … Continue reading

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Cardinal Rules and Lasting Regrets

As the winter persists, we are keeping warm in the classroom with a number of hot topics.  Currently, we are reading The Kite Runner in World Literature.  It has been work getting a few students to move beyond their reticence to … Continue reading

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Fighting Words: Epilogue

Calmer heads prevailed, and the two warring girls were only suspended for a few days.  When they returned, each apologized to the class and retook their seats.  On the second day, during a prayer followed by petitions, one of the … Continue reading

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Fighting Words: The Best Way to Avoid Being Stung

There was an altercation in my classroom today–a disagreement sailed beyond the boundaries of what I and the assailants expected.  Two girls allowed hurtful words to escalate beyond their “place of origin” in some meaningless aside, however deliberate.  Too often, … Continue reading


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On Your Mark

Two Friday’s ago, I pressed my best and only suit and drove to GW’s Lisner auditorium on 21st Street.  Two years ago, I promised one male student at his mother’s funeral that I would be there to shake his hand … Continue reading

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The Gathering

Grades were due last week, and report cards mailed on Friday.  I hate grading.  I know assessments are important.  I use them to determine whether or not my students mastered the skills in question.  They help me refine lessons or … Continue reading

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